Our Offers

Some of you may have noticed that I have began putting some ads in the sidebar.  I know that for the longest time, this blog has been very personal and I’ve worked a lot in keeping it that way.  But there have been huge strides and changes in my life in the last six months, that I am now on board in having this blog churn out a bit of a revenue.

And by a bit, I mean enough to keep this running.  I intend to stick around for a long time and be your go to source of poetry, music, and a few recipes here and there.  So don’t expect this site to be riddled with links and advertisements.

Just so you know, I’ve made a couple of notices to look out for.  You may notice these symbols every now and then, but here’s a quick guide for you:




I want to make sure I disclose everything and I hope you don’t mind when I do.  I have signed up for this amazing affiliate program at Shareasale.com that allows me to select merchants and programs that are relevant to my content.

In short, you won’t see a weight reduction ad when the post is a narration by Lang Leav (whom I love and adore and worship, but you already know that).

With that, I hope to further entertain you.  <3  Come back to this page from time to time for more updates.