Day 22: Sung for Me

Day 22 is a song that was sung to me.

I don’t know if he still remembers, but I do.  Clear as day.  Glorietta 3.  Walking along PCX and Fabric Warehouse lane.  I asked what for him is the most romantic song.  And then he just started singing.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are.

I hope you remember it as clearly as I do.


Day 21: Favorite

Day 21 is my favorite song.

Again, this is very difficult.  I basically fell in love with Coldplay’s entire discography and it’ll be unfair if I just fish out one of those many splendid songs and I ache a little.  But to be honest, I should just pick the first song I completely absolutely thoroughly fell in love with.

Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you

Photo Source:  Kimsblog

Day 20: iTunes Last

Day 20 is the last song on my iTunes.

It is 83 by John Mayer.  It’s John Mayer.  It’s inarguable.  John Mayer.  Ahhh.  :)

I am eagerly awaiting his next album.  I heard he turned long hair this time.  Huh.

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Day 19: iTunes First

Day 19 is the first song alphabetically in my iPod/iTunes.

Since the iPod is far more accessible for me right now, here it is.  (I like that this day is quite a no brainer.)

First on my playlist is Counting Crows.

Who doesn’t love that song?

I remember hearing this song while I was still in Convergys.  I really like this song and then Dylan just started singing it out loud, and I realized that he has all the lyrics down.  Hahahaha.

Good times. :)

Day 18: Love But Rare

Day 18 is a song I love but rarely listen to.

I remember hearing this song when I was much much younger.  I was still living in Manila then and at that time, MTV still shows music videos.  I really liked her song, and her shoes.  It’s a wedge with some intricate detailing on it.  Too bad, I was never really able to find out more about that shoe.  I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat.

If your hope scatters like the dust across your track, I’ll be the moon that shines on your path.