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Welcome To McArthur Park

So for a moment there, it sounded like a line right off the karaoke machine.  Hahaha.

Anyway, I was again on a trip for our department’s roadshow.  We headed for Tacloban a week ago, and AB and I were the first team to get there.  The first place we hit was McArthur’s Landing, or otherwise known as McArthur Park.  It’s basically the place where McArthur came back during the World War II.

The first thing I noticed was the sky.  Already I noticed it as we started to descend.

Can you honestly say that we have skies this blue in the city?  Little by little, it sinks in why people love to retire in the province.

So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to McArthur Park.  *insert possible theme song here*

See they really transformed it into a park.  Those benches at the far right had a pretty good view.  Just before I took this photo, a family was wrapping up their lunch picnic.

I envy places like these.  It’s a complete getaway from the hurried life of the city, of work!  Some say we can easily convert Luneta Park into something like this.  But I don’t know.  A lot of effort already went into cleaning that place up, but the people seem to find it so hard to just be aware of keeping the place clean and presentable to tourists and residents alike.  Oh well.

I would give anything to have this view everyday.

Next post:  The San Juanico Bridge! :)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I have always known I love diamonds.  I don’t necessarily prefer them over something else, but I’ve always known I’ll grow to like them.  I think it’s the sparkle.  Diamonds almost resemble stars.  They’re always bright and gleaming.

Then there was this guy in one of the many movies I’ve seen that said his lady’s eyes sparkle like diamonds.

Then there was this professor in college who said clarity should come as clear as crystal.  And the crystals he always refer to were diamonds.

Then there’s the song.  And Marilyn Monroe.

But who would’ve though diamonds live in water?  This amazing photo just made me realize not all diamonds have carats in them. 

Have a great workweek everyone.