She was the moon



Oh the hiatus

It has been quite a roller coaster, the entire year so far.  I have no idea at all where the next 24 hours will take me, and I guess it is that kind of mild (if not wild) ignorance that seem to have vacated my senses when it comes to writing.

I have been, however, quite diligent in Pinterest.  I’ve loaded so much on my pin boards, and well… to exhibit a few:

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Calvin Klein Pre-fall 2012

It seems like the fashion gods have heard my prayers.

Check out Calvin Klein Collection for prefall 2012.  It’s just adorable.  The lines, the cuts, and the pieces all speak fashion forward simplicity.  I mean, come on.  I’ve been with the bank for a couple of years now, and there are still moments where I am required to look corporate.

Hahaha.  There are more than moments.

Anyway, at least with this collection, being all business and sleek need not be dowdy.  Feel free to agree with me, really.  I mean, really agree with me. :)

Aren’t those mixed leather pieces just divine?

I will help DOT!

Since the launching of the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign, a lot of people have been creating their own versions to support this statement.  Secretary Mon Jimenez Jr. was quick to tap Chuvaness and Anton Diaz to help promote this.  Already he knows how powerful social media is that he immediately contacts top bloggers to help spread this campaign!  Smart man.

So in my head, I should do my fair share of promoting.  I’ve decided to always end my posts with a meme supporting #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines.  I would love to feature your work here, so if you have one, just email it to me at  Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get all the credit.  I can also link it back to your blog or site, should you have one.  Your submissions will not only help me in helping DOT promote tourism in the country, but would also pressure me into writing more regularly. :)

So here we go!  Let’s start now shall we?  Send in those reasons now!

by Johnathan Libarios Rondina