The World Tonight will never be the same

I have never seen Tina Monzon-Palma this lonely behind the anchors’ desk.

Dylan and I discovered another thing we have in common.  We both saw Angelo Castro Jr. as the alpha newsman.  His manner of delivery and writing shows he is smart and he expects his audience to be of the same caliber.  We both miss the nights when the news is delivered in English, where thoughts are more critical than judgmental, where biases are not present in the tone of voice.

Ah, the industry will never be the same again.


Game of Thrones Season 2 NEW Trailer

War is coming.

April just cannot come soon enough.

Oh to miss you.

Often, I wonder why this show is still on air.  I mean, basically the characters you’ve grown to love are no longer there, but somehow it has survived.  Huh.  Anyone care to share?

While I’m waiting for knowledge on this manner be imparted, let’s hear a good line from Brooke Davis.

Amen, lady.  Amen.

Harry Potter + The Big Bang Theory

I absolutely love Harry Potter.  I think that has always been evident.  But I also love The Big Bang Theory.  Finally, the real depiction of nerds is on television and everyone else sees how adorkable they are!

And this just completely made my day. :)