More updates on August 7 rains

UST Hospital needs help.  I wonder if anyone got to them already.  Flood water reached the second floor already.

Taft Avenue has become a river.

Sadder view is NLEX.  Please pray that relief gets to those who need it.

Here’s the Puregold at Paso de Blas.

And here’s Balintawak area in QC.

And Araneta Avenue in QC.

And now… for some good news.

I believe Globe has an option too. Please post in comments section when you’ve seen the instructions to avail.


If there are psychiatrists out there reading this post, please find the time to visit an evacuation center.  There are still a lot of people suffering from PTSD, especially with what had happened to Ondoy, and especially because of this fact:



But this young man said it best:

Keep spirits up!  Help your neighbor!