Got time for a survey and some $20?

UPDATE:  16 May 2015

Just in case it’s not yet obvious, I’ve extended the promo till I complete the survey responses. :)  For those who have stayed in the Philippines, please fill out this survey here:

Thank you! <3
UPDATE:  8 May 2015
I’m at the edge of my seat and almost desperate to get respondents.  So if I left a message/comment on your blog, I would like to confirm that I am not spam. Hahaha.
I am still about 350 responses away, please please WordPress family, help me graduate? ❤️❤️❤️ 
Thank you!
Original Post:
If you travel — around the world, in Asia, in the Philippines, wherever, basically travel travel travel — please do me a solid, help me out and fill out my survey as part of my final marketing campaign for graduate school.   
I promise it will be quick, at most just five minutes of your time.

And just for kicks, I’ll throw in a reward too.  If I reach 500 responses on or before May 10, 2015 4:00PM GMT+08:00, I will raffle off a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  Just don’t forget to leave a note or comment on this post, so I can include your name in the raffle.

I know I raised the stakes with $20 and all (chuckle) but please let’s do our best to leave bogus respondents out of my research.  Data harvest clean = yay research cred. :)

You’ve been with me all this time, since I started this grad school journey.  I’d love to finish this off with you. :)

But seriously.  Thank you very very much in advance.  Sincerely thank you.  Oh and don’t forget to spread the word!


<3 Carla


I am from the Philippines and I am safe.  But a good portion of our Eastern Visayas region is not.  The bank I work for already reported two deaths, an employee and a retiree, and mostly deceased family members of employees.

I regret not posting sooner on this channel to call for help.  I’ve seen the local news, but it wasn’t until I heard exasperation in Anderson Cooper’s voice did I realize help is taking too long.

I will do my best to constantly update this post for help and information where you can donate.

May God bless us all.

Haiyan (Yolanda) Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet

Rappler is my favorite local news source as of late.

Relief Rappler



How to Help

Red Cross DSWD

Air 21

One Run

If you have other relief operations, food drives, fund generation and means to give aid to those in need, please let me know so I can post announcements here.  I have a good number of unique hits per day; let’s put that to good use.

Again, thank you and let’s continue to pray for each other.

UPDATE:  If you follow me on Twitter, I was screaming for airdropping relief goods.  Here’s why they won’t do so.  And to tickle your fancy, here’s a very interesting read from Time.

UPDATE 2, 16 November 2013:  This has to be my most favorite kind of donation drive:  DINE FOR A CAUSE! :)  Eat at these restaurants for the weekend and contribute to the continuing rescue of Yolanda victims.

Dine for a Cause