Ten minutes never felt so long

I was supposed to do yoga yesterday, but the torturing heat here in Manila made it close to impossible.  Have you seen the temperatures lately?  It feels like we’re in an oven.

In the middle of setting up for yoga, I felt irritated and annoyed and it was very impossible to try to calm the mind and do my rounds.  So I went for the next best thing:  circuit training.

Actually, it’s the best exercise.  High intensity interval training guarantees maximum output at the least amount of time, provided of course that you execute it well.  Circuit training also makes sure that you burn after a workout.

Usually my source here is Back on Pointe but I needed some visuals.  So I headed over to Popsugar Fitness and found this:

I did this entire circuit twice and I swear my thighs and buns were burning.  I thought I couldn’t finish!  You just have to power through.  Don’t forget to end it with some yoga!

Hulk's Exercise

I wish you well on your health and fitness journey.  Do you have a favorite circuit?  Share it with me in the comments.  I would love to hear all about it. :)



Getting back on track

Normally, weight gain doesn’t bother me.

It’s a lie.  It feels magnificent.  Not having to worry about losing weight because your man loves you as you are?!  Totally reminds me of Channing Tatum’s first lines in his vow from the movie The Vow:

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever.

That has to be the best line in their vows ever.  Anyway, moving on…

It’s different to have your family critical of you; I think it’s something that they normally do.  Like breakfast.  It’s part of being a family, criticism.  So it slighted me in the littlest manner possible whenever they would criticize about my weight.

Then it became lunch topic.  And a greeting.  “Oh wow, you’ve gained weight!” or “You look so… great!” I am assuming by ‘great’ people are talking about width.

And then…  it became an MRT pass.  A lady offered me her seat when she saw me.  I think she assumed I was pregnant.  I took it anyway, sayang e.  But it happened again.  A girl frowned at everyone and was like, “Here take my seat.”  Then… I realized it has been happening all the time.

Even at church!  I usually hear mass at the Bel Air locale every Thursday night.  Twice, I was offered to sit in the nursery.  Yes, the place where the moms with kids and pregger moms  sit.

Now, I only have one thought in my head.  This weight has got to go.

But then this is not my first foray into weight loss.  I’ve done Plana Forma.  Circuit training.  Yoga.  Weights.  I rekindled my love for running.  But my brother said I lacked one thing and it’s not determination.  It’s consistency.  I may be motivated and determined to be toned and all that but if I have too many rest days, the weight will just come right back.

I think that’s also one of the reasons why I gained faster this time compared to the time I managed to lose the weight.  I abruptly stop.

Anyway, moving on… I’m going to try out one of the workouts on Back On Pointe.  Been pinning a lot from it lately, and this workout caught my attention:

I like mornings.  I actually like waking up early.  I am kind in the morning, so it’s easy to associate me with the word ‘angel’ as long as it’s morning.  So yeah, maybe this kickoff would be a good start.

Plus of course, serious diet realignment.  More complex carbs, more protein.  Lesser sugar, lesser caffeine.  I challenged myself a few weeks back to not have coffee; I lasted a good five weeks.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up.  I figured this coupled with a good diet and maybe running at least five hours a week could eventually prep me for that big February 2013 event.  EHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEM.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Maybe this would be a good start for you too. :)

Workout and Line Cutters

I wanted to kick off the week to a good start.  Thankfully, work cooperated with my goal as much as it possibly can.  I do not expect the same results tomorrow — a girl cannot possibly be that lucky — so I said to myself, I’ll go to 360 Fitness four times this week.

Is it a death sentence?  I’ll let you know.

I was supposed to do four/five rounds, but I started to feel pain along my right shin.  Then between pushups and Kettlebells, I felt the strong urge to pee.  Hahahaha.  I just laughed my ass off.  I ended up doing the usual three rounds.  Maybe tomorrow would be a better day.

I am aiming to hold a raised plank next time.  I still do the usual one, with the bent elbows, but I’ve been eating right and been moving right for the past two weeks.  I’m hoping that shows a little bit of improvement.

To learn more about circuit training, click here.

Line cutters, on the other hand, annoy me.  After a workout, I usually grab the shuttle near Ayala MRT station.  The line was unbelievably long, and it took a while before it was our turn.  Right before boarding, this couple paid for their fare.  Just when we were about to board, they just went ahead of everyone!  Mind you there were about 50 people waiting in line!

I don’t know where my guts went.  I so wanted to freak out and call them out for cutting the line.  I didn’t say anything.  I felt so responsible for the two seats stolen from the two people behind me.  Damn it.

I hate people who have a wrong sense of entitlement.  Really.  Why is it so hard for people to wait in line?  Whatever happened to eliminating the wang wang mentality?  Ugh, that’s a completely separate discussion already.

Next time, I intend to bring my balls.  *bow*