MUSIC MONDAY: A Head Full of Dreams

So, here’s the thing:  I love Coldplay.  I really do.  I have said more than twice in the past that should they play in the Philippines, I’ll donate blood to earn money and buy a ticket.  Maybe even sell a kidney.  Because I know they’re phenomenal.  I have seen their Glasgow performances.  I have seen people cry at their shows.  I want to f*cking cry at their show.

You know when they decided to play in Manila?  Right when I moved to New Jersey.  YUUUUUUP.  Imagine how much that hurts.  You’ve waited all your life… and just when you thought you came close, Coldplay flies to Manila and played on the year you weren’t there.  It was such a tragedy.

Until it wasn’t.  One night, the Husband and I found ourselves seated at the middle of the second riser of a gigantic stadium, being serenaded by Izzy Bizu and Alunageorge, waiting for that opening explosion that is Coldplay.

The sun was setting and I kept telling him to get ready to be blown away.

The Husband isn’t even as big of a fan as I am, yet when the music started and the lights went up and the people rose, his jaw just dropped open and pretty much stayed that way for the next couple of hours.  It was insane.

I have underestimated the people’s love for heart-wrenching, speak-of-the-truth, spirit-uplifting, life-motivating type of music.  Chris Martin called for the people to put their phones down and just dance, and we all did, and it was a marvelous sight.

I purposely bought a camera for this show.  Still, I ended up not taking that many photos or videos even!  I was just in awe.  This is it, my music idols, the men who are true epitomes of musical artistry just going wild with the crowd as if they haven’t endured an intercontinental flight a couple of nights ago.

Like the true class acts they are, they paid tribute to the late Chester Bennington and gave a soulful rendition of Crawling.  At first, I didn’t recognize the song, but the Husband — a fan of Linkin Park — knew right off the bat that it was the first Linkin Park song he listened to and fell in love with.

This is one of those experiences that have truly humbled me.  The past couple of years have been testaments to how good life can be, and to be frank, most of the time, I feel undeserving of all of these.  But when the lights would change, good music would fill my ears, and I hold the hand of the love of my life, I knew there is no other imaginable possibility but this.

In a crowd of 50,000, I have never felt more visible.  And for the first time ever, I am seeing all this for real and not just in a dream.

Definitely a must see again


Day 25: All Day

Day 25 is a song I could listen to all day.

Okay, so I’ve obviously been delaying it because I honestly cannot believe it.  I ACTUALLY COMPLETED THIS ONE!  Hahahaha.  I know right?  In spite of the Cebu trip (more on that later), and the fact that I haven’t even posted our Holy Week Baguio escape (is it too late for that one?), I actually completed this song challenge.  I must admit I am pretty proud of myself.

And with that I end with a song I can listen to over and over again.  It’s mainly because it’s one of the happier songs I’ve heard and then it’s by one of my favorite bands, and I just can’t stop adoring them.  I envy Mo Twister for sitting front row in their most recent concert.  And I hate that they all have families and have perfectly happy family lives.  So not rock and roll, but hey!  It must be the new rock and roll theme:  happy and with family.

Thank you for those who joined me in this challenge.  Or rather, those who tuned in and placed bets whether or not I can finish this challenge.  I truly appreciate it.  Rest assured I am doing my best to make this blog far more entertaining than just posting songs, but it’s Coldplay.  How can anyone not love Coldplay? :)

Okay so it’s only three years old, but what can you do?  It’s a good running song, a cooking in the afternoon song, a wake up song, and a shower song when you have to shower really fast and you’re in a hurry.  It’s a good song right? :)

Day 21: Favorite

Day 21 is my favorite song.

Again, this is very difficult.  I basically fell in love with Coldplay’s entire discography and it’ll be unfair if I just fish out one of those many splendid songs and I ache a little.  But to be honest, I should just pick the first song I completely absolutely thoroughly fell in love with.

Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you

Photo Source:  Kimsblog

Day 10: Favorite Band

Day 10 is a song by my favorite band.

Now this is difficult.  I’ve always known that I will most probably sell blood or a part of my liver for a Coldplay concert.  And U2.  Or liver for U2, blood for Coldplay.  So it’s difficult.

Can I choose two?  Oh wow.  How do I do this?  How about….. yeah, let’s go with U2 on this one. :)

I first heard this song from FRIENDS, when Ross and Rachel were first starting out.  Remember the one with the list?  Since then, I’ve been hooked to this song — and this band — and it’s always so good!

You can’t deny the fact that people immediately fell in love with Bono more.

And all the kids, they dance

I believe I have found my newest running theme.

You never fail to lift my spirits.  I cannot wait for the day I can finally see you play live.