The right reasons


If you’re following me on Instagram (which you should by the way, I can be pretty stellar on a good day), you’ll know that my race kit arrived last week.  It’s a 21km run, or a half Mary as running enthusiasts would call it, and it’s on October 6.

Guys, it’s September.  And I am severely out of shape.

I don’t know what came over me and I signed up for something like that.  I can’t even imagine getting past 15km.  But it’s there and I told myself 2013 will not pass without me completing a good half Mary.

Although I’ve been doing yoga at home, I can’t really say that I am in shape.  My stats this afternoon at the gym were abysmal.

I am so fucking out of shape.

So let’s change that shall we?  I clocked in a good 5.4km today at the treadmill, though at a disappointing 33:28.  But I still have a narrow gap to improve on that one.

Four weeks to kick ass.  Tomorrow, I’m hitting CFMNL.  I’ve had that 5-day pass for so long, might as well use it now.

I wonder how spent I’ll be come Tuesday.  To be honest, I’m quite excited. :)

And I better start eating better too.  I am fucking heavy.

Enough cursing for the day.  Time for some stretches.  Oh Lord, my thighs are killing me.