You knew better.

Dear You,

In all honesty, your two-facedness is something I didn’t quite anticipate.  In 2009, you were the quiet one, the one who reads the Word for lunch, the one who took jokes and jeers in stride.  You were the one who asks if anyone else would like something from McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts, or anything that you can bring back to Manila whenever you’d go home to your hometown.  What you have become is quite unprecedented.

I really didn’t anticipate your backstabbing ways.  But then, I should have known we all have our dark sides.  I should have known that we have two wolves in all of us.  I just didn’t think you would be the kind of person who will feed the bad one.

Is it the smoke up your ass?  Is it their constant fawning over the work you do?  Is it the way they worship your work?  It has to be that right?  After all, you do pick up their slack.  You are the one completing everything that’s supposed to be their workload.  You are the doormat.  So you have to be part of that click.

And a part of it, you have become.  It’s so disappointing.  But then who am I to expect loyalty?  Who am I to expect some semblance of identity?  I just graduated with you, finished the training with you.  We probably studied together once, but that’s it.  I have mocked you endlessly, but then, you have mocked me to my face too.  Our relationship was limited to that.

Was I wrong to assume that you have a sense of fealty?  After all, we went through the same hardships.  I do not expect you to know the inner workings of my twisted mind and harpooned feelings, but at the very least, as someone who went through the same kind of test as you, I just expected you would at least defend me.  Or not add fuel to the fire.  Instead, you contributed to the senseless and baseless babble of my so-called elitism and spoiled-ness.  You contributed to the preconceived notions others had of me, notions that I have always thought you knew was wrong.  You and I met way before all these, after all.  You knew me way before all these.  As it turned out, you are not the ally I thought you were.

I only hope that I am the lone victim of your backstabbing ways.  I still have use to you; I am still your lone link for matters that require his confirmation.  And that’s how I’ve come to be for you — a person who will entertain your bitch-filled lunches, your passes to a click that “accepted” you, your shining example of what not to be.  But you want to know the real sad story here?

Never in a million years would I do the same thing to you.

May you sleep soundly at night, you backstabbing two-faced lying low-level ass kisser.


Why I hate drivers some times

Oh wow.  I can’t even believe I’ll say this, but there are just definite reasons why I hate drivers in the Philippines.  Mostly it’s because Filipino drivers often forget that they were once pedestrians.

Given that we do jaywalk and we do cross even when the red light has not changed.  And that we do ignore that SM Mall Of Asia guard who tries desperately to direct commuter traffic.  But still you have to admit, we are only given that much space in that wide a road to cross.

So you can only imagine how annoying this is.

Hoy Mister Kupal Driver!

Before you got your car using that amazing car loan plan you have with your amazing company from that amazing car dealership so you can take a ride with your amazing family and live your amazing life, YOU USED TO WALK AND COMMUTE EVERYWHERE.  So pwede ba, can you not be such a dick and occupy the one spot in the wide road where we can demand responsibility from drivers as douchey as you?  Because it is instances like this, instances when the SIMPLEST OF COURTESIES AND RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED, that turn Philippines in a not so fun place.  Just a thought.