To be McQueened

The tragic passing of Alexander McQueen in February 2010 has the fashion world mourning.  It was such a great loss; he was truly an artist, in every sense of the word.  He left us with a range of masterpieces to be continually inspired with.

I am a middle class worker and there is no way, based on my current pay, that I will ever afford a McQueen.  Oddly enough, this morning, his work was the first thing I looked up on Pinterest.  (For those who haven’t noticed, I am a Pinterest fan.  Click the upper right button to view my boards.) 

Sometimes, I envy the spending power of the upper class.  They get to experience and wear the genius of so many artists and designers; us middle class men merely look on.  I cannot deny the fact that I do sometimes aspire to be as well off as them.  But I know my limits, and I am grateful that the media has extensively covered (or at least as much as they can) the works of these modern Da Vincis.

I hope no one would mistake my admiration and aspiration as being ungrateful for what I have.  I am grateful; I know I am still far more fortunate than most.  I know the poverty statistics, mortality rates, feeding programs and the like.  I am not unaware.  But you see, high fashion is the cloud I float on.  A girl can dream still you know, even at 2-.

“Each piece is unique, as was he.”
McQueen Fashion House, Paris Fashion Week, March 2010