Should you work from home?

I’ve always envied the people who had the option of working from home.  Mostly, this is the creative lot, and to be honest, I miss being part of that lot.  For almost two years now, I’ve been waking up early and blow drying my hair, putting on make up, smiling like this is the shit and all that, and sometimes, there are days when putting a bra on is just not worth it.  But then I would have to, because it would be obscene especially in a starch white shirt and pencil skirt.

I laughed my ass off when I saw this flowchart because it makes perfect sense.  Usually, the flowcharts I post are made of nonsense, but this one is actually a good guide in deciding whether or not your employees (or you) should work from home.

And yes, I am keeping it for reference so that when I have my empire of writing and photographing geniuses, I would know where their home addresses are and it would be easy to hunt them down.  Hahahahaha.

Not bad at all right? :)