A hint of red

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but if you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I dyed my hair red just this June.  Now, I am due for a touch up.  I present to you my red hair peg.


Will I still be a respected member of the development banking industry with this shade of red?

Sounds to me like I shan’t giveth a fcuk.

Ha!  Can’t wait. <3

Hair talk

I know months ago I ranted about my hair not growing fast enough so I can do an awesome hair flip (and some funky hairstyles).

I so badly want long hair, but I have to do something before I get there right?  I mean, for years now, I’ve always cut my hair at the beginning of the year.  (I could show you but I’m still sick and I’m too lazy to get up and look for my hard drive and hook it up here and… you know the story).

Lately, I’ve been contemplating bangs.

Yep, the full fringe effect.  However the downside is Dylan doesn’t like bangs.  He finds them purposeless even though I’ve repeatedly told him it frames the face most of the time.  The full fringe might just make me feel like a rockstar (not that I am not hahahahaha).  But after a quick survey among friends, they don’t think it’s for me.  Moks, on the other hand, has been insisting on an Amanda Seyfried look.

Problem is I’m not feeling it.  I did a quick scan in the Internet and I pretty much have the same face shape as Michelle Williams, with the cheeks and the meaty chin and all.

So I thought, let’s do a Dawson’s Creek throwback!

But then I HAVE ALWAYS HAD THAT HAIRCUT!  I just want my hair to be long already.  This awkward phase is just bothering me.

Maybe I should just pull an Olivia Palermo.  Length, color and volume. What do you think?

All about HAIR

I guess I’m writing this because I am so frustrated at the rate my hair is growing… which is slow.  ANNOYING.  I’ve been itching to have my hair in a fishtail braid, but because it’s too short STILL, I can’t seem to do anything with it but let it down.

I can not for the love of God figure out how this girl managed to pull off magenta hair! I've been dying for some hair color myself, but yeah, I lack the guts to just hop on a chair and just friggin' do it.


Quite impossible for me to have this hair, since I am eternally straight. Jaja said something about digital perming, and I can only trust Tony and Jackey to do that. But the money? Yeah. That I have to come up with on my own. But I have a sinking feeling that even after that perm, my hair will still be as straight as a board. :(


And of course, I have endlessly hated Zooey Deschanel for having the most perfect brown hair ever. EVER. Ugh.


And let us all blame this talented songstress for having perfected the tussled hair.


I read from Little Women that Jo’s hair is her one true beauty.  Of course, at the end, we learn that it’s not true, but it would hurt to have pretty hair!  It’s not that my hair is not pretty; I just wish it’s longer so I can do this:

And this:


GAAAAh.  Foine.  I’ll stop talking about hair now.

Back to work.

Hat Me d:)

I seriously seriously seriously hope that looked like a smiley with a hat.

Anyway, growing out my hair proved to be quite challenging.  I  am beginning to think I cut it too many times this year, that it might be slightly offed by moi.  It’s taking its time to grow and well, the awkward length is making me feel less than fab.

So the natural solution, apart from the trim, is a hat.  And did I have fun trying on hats. :)

I don’t know what’s up with my hand.  Hahahaha.

In the end, I didn’t get any hats.  But I just might get a pair of shoes.

Note to self:  visit the salon for some protein treatment.  I believe that’s what my hair needs right now.  And probably a hat.  I better pick one soon because to be honest, cold weather isn’t much of a hat season.

Unless your hair is susceptible to frizz.