This kiss

I loved this kiss the best, mostly because everyone saw it coming and everyone was just looking for the right moment.

And they just killed a horcrux, and they were able to do it together, and it was just a reason for celebration.

I love this kiss perhaps because of the longing that came with it.  Like it’s always been in the books, but the execution had to be something more dramatic.  More romantic.  More passionate.

I love this couple.  As much as it bugs me that they’re not together in real life, I’m happy they are as good as friends can get.

Favorite behind the scenes ever

I know I am a Harry Potter freak!  Hahahahaha.  I don’t know when to stop the magic. :)

This has to be my most favorite Harry Potter behind the scenes clip.

Read and reblog!

Someone always gets me in these things!  It’s either I’m that gullible or I just loooooove Harry Potter that much. :)

I honestly believe it’s the latter.

Oh don’t you dare lie! :))

Things I hold on to

Yes, this is another Harry Potter post.  No, I am still not over it.

I still wish they’re together for real.

Gotta love fan fiction.

I held my breath for this one.
I wish I went to Orlando when the cast went on the rides with kids!

Must consider all contributing factors.


And I just died right there.  Hahaha!

Choked up

Forgive my Harry Potter madness.  It has been over a decade and I never really thought the goodbye would be so emotional.  I keep looking for Harry Potter quotes, images, how these young actors grew right before our eyes, how I became so attached to the book, the character, the story.

I just now it’ll take another lifetime to have something like this again.  Our generation is so lucky to have witnessed something as magnificent as the magic of Harry Potter.  And Jo Rowling is an amazing writer.  And she made us all young again.

And it’s so hard to say goodbye.

I am both eager to watch the last installment and hesitant to walk in the movie house knowing that it is the last Harry Potter flick I’ll ever see.

Oh, be still my heart.