FEELS FRIDAY: Stop caring



Calvin & Hobbes make me feel better

I’ve been sick since before New Year’s, hence the lack of posts.  But then I started reading Calvin & Hobbes again.  This strip just warms my heart every time.

Admit it:  you laughed. :)  I laughed till I coughed and laughed again. :)

And this also reminded me of that man who calls to hear the melodious sound of my voice.  Teehee.

The wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes

So yeah.  I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I am a potty mouth.  I don’t think my mom will ever wake up to the day when she would approve of my potty mouthness.  I don’t think there will ever be that day, in this lifetime or the next or the next.

Do you even remember the first time you said a bad word?  A good ol’ PI or fuck or shit or dammit?  I can.  And it is that funny incident when I was in Grade 1 that led me to the guidance counselor’s office and had my parents pick me up.  Yes, I got in trouble in that early of an age.

But then I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have a healthier channel of expressing my anger.  I get pretty pissy actually.  If I didn’t learn cursing, I would have been…

an alcoholic/drunkard.

A drunkard. But then again, I am kind of now. But not in that big way. I'm a good drinker. Though it does happen often already.

a female bodybuilder.

Freaky muscles transforming my boobs to skin.

Or a really angry person.

Yes, I can be like this. Most of the time I'm angry.

So I guess I have to thank God’s good humor for allowing me to find cursing as a channel for my anger.  I know it makes me look crass and makes people think I’m a sailor, but.. yeah.  I need it.

Wisdom can come at a very young age.

See?  You can learn much better things from comic strips.  :)