Kamikazee + Kyla = ZOMGAWESOME

I spend most of my time in the Makati apartment, so the very few days I am here in Las Piñas, I make sure I hangout with the boys.  I know they can be pretty annoyed that my ever expanding hips and thighs constantly occupy their bed space, but what can they do?  They can’t move me anyway.  ;p

This evening, my brother Ted introduced me to this new song, a collaboration between Kamikazee and Kyla, both Filipino brilliant artists.  Look them up, and you won’t be disappointed.

So for those people who say OPM is dead, I don’t think so.  To be honest, I’ve never heard Kyla sound this good.  Actually, to be more honest, I didn’t think Jay Contreras can floor her.

Amazing stuff.  Hangout with your sibs.  You never know the next thing they teach you.

If you’re not blown away, I don’t know what else to tell ya. :)

Day 9: Hopeful

Day 9 is a song that makes me feel hopeful.

I am thinking hopeful in general okay?  I first heard this song when my good friend Neil made me listen to it during one of our long days in management training.  I didn’t expect to like it at first (it’s not really the genre I’ve warmed up to), but the lyrics are just so full of hope.  Really.  The message is simple and clear, and it’s hard to not root for this song.

He sort of reminds me of Bob Marley.  And Bob Marley reminds me of my college friends who just love love love love love love love the beach.