MUSIC MONDAY: What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

Okay, so I know I just recently featured the kid, but I have to say I’m becoming a fan!  Thank God, Le Beau doesn’t have any problems with it.

I have always seen him as an entitled d*ck, but yeah, he’s really talented.  Maybe he really meant what he said during his roast.  Maybe he really is turning it all around, going back to his roots, and focusing on his music.


MUSIC MONDAY: Where Are Ü Now by Skrillex and Diplo feat. Justin Bieber

Yes.  That just happened.  I’m featuring Justin Bieber on this blog.

I first heard this song at the carpool karaoke with James Corden.

I didn’t think the kid would be so personable.  The media sure has a way of making him appear so friggin’ obnoxious.  And maybe for a time he was, but then now he’s not.  Talk about maturing in the public eye eh?

20150907 Skrillex_Diplo_–_Skrillex_And_Diplo_Present_Jack_U_Album_Download

I heard this song again, when we were stranded in Bali (more on that in the next few posts, promise) and it immediately made me think of Le Beau.

I need you
I need you
I need you
I need you
I need you
I need you the most

While this is far from the love song you’d usually hear from me, I have to admit it cheered me up while stuck in a place that didn’t really bring me anywhere near Le Beau.

I hope I’m not the only one who enjoyed this.