MUSIC MONDAY: In Your Arms by Nico & Vinz

My constant search of songs to fill my Ultimate Wedding Playlist led me to this amazing duo.  They’re not so new, but because of my dated tastes, you can only imagine how refreshing they sounded to me.

20150608 Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms

I think their more popular song is Am I Wrong but I love this song much much more!  The lyrics remind me of how I cuddle in Le Beau’s arms when things get tough.  My mind was immediately transported to Le Beau when I heard these lyrics.

The last couple of weeks have been quite tough.  Nothing seemed to be going my way, especially thesis wise when all my work seemed to be nullified each time I come in for a consultation with my mentor.  It’s disheartening because this is the first time I ever had difficulty finishing a paper.

So this song… yeah.  It fits just right.  I miss Le Beau more and more each day.  And though the promise of forever is inevitable as our wedding date draws near, there is nothing like having his arms around me now.

Enjoy <3


The story

Of course, there’s always that story of how he proposed.  And it is a very good story.

I thought the proposal happened in Paris, January 7, 2014, while on board Roue de Paris.  We were taking in the view of the city; I still couldn’t believe I’m with him in PARIS.  Then he came close to me and simply said, “You know I am going to marry you, right? You have to know that.”  And I knew.

No questions, just a declaration of fact.

So all this time, I really thought that was it.  That was the proposal, just us two.

We spent a good amount of 2014 just envisioning how our wedding would pan out.  Around the last quarter of the year, I started scanning for suppliers and we started talking about telling my mom about our wedding plans when he visits for the holidays.

Then came the morning of January 2, 2015.

We had to move our annual get together to a later date because of my brother’s wedding.  It was Le Beau’s first get together so it really got me excited.  He said he was sleepless the night before, but it was a relief that his jet lag finally kicked in.

He was antsy the whole day, not to mention irritable.  Slightly jumpy too.  But of course I didn’t notice that at all. I attributed all his weirdness to his lack of sleep.  So the first thing I asked him to do was to take a power nap when we got to Antipolo.

He didn’t though, which made me more concerned.  Our get togethers last usually till the wee hours of the morning (even though we practically see each other monthly, yeah we still act as if we haven’t seen each other for a year).  So I just did my best to tend to him.  Got him house clothes.  Made his dinner plate.  Simply tended to him.

The time for gift giving finally came.  It was the kids’ favorite part of the night.  I was so surprised when Bianca called my name and said I have a gift from Le Beau.  I was beyond amazed; I couldn’t figure out how he found the time to get me a present.  All of his things are in my room, so I knew that gift wasn’t included in his luggage.

And then…

Completely out of nowhere.  Humbling.  Flattering.  Disarming.

All the words I would choose to describe him.

I do not know what it is that I did to deserve so much.  What I do know is this: there has not been a day when I stopped being thankful for everything.

I wish Tatay was here to see it.  He would have loved this the most.

So there you go, the engagement story.  I hope it was good to you just as it is to me.

Getting used to it

So, I am making my way through my 1,049 unread emails, the cost of extending a two-week vacation to three, when I notice something catch the light.  It wasn’t the vanity mirror I set up next to the phone, the one I use to require myself to smile in phone conversations.

There’s a star on my finger.

I am engaged.  I should really enjoy this because this will not last long.  Because, just in case it’s still not obvious, I cannot wait to be a wife to Le Beau.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  Hope the new year is treating you right, too.

That view though