Tonight, I am Summer.

It’s been a while since I last spoke about Sir Boy.  It is not easy to talk about him still.  I can mention him in passing or in jest, but for him to be the topic, I can’t do it still.

As the years pass, I think everyone who has lost someone would agree with me:  it doesn’t get any easier, you only get used to it.

So, thank you, Summer, for speaking exactly what I wanted to say.  Tonight, I am you.  Thank you for being every bit of brave at 10.  I wish I can write a letter the way you do.

Summer's Letter to Daddy


I love you.


Oh the hiatus

It has been quite a roller coaster, the entire year so far.  I have no idea at all where the next 24 hours will take me, and I guess it is that kind of mild (if not wild) ignorance that seem to have vacated my senses when it comes to writing.

I have been, however, quite diligent in Pinterest.  I’ve loaded so much on my pin boards, and well… to exhibit a few:

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