Day 4: Calms Me Down

Day 4 is a song that calms me down.

Huh.  This would take a while because I haven’t really thought of what song actually calms me down.  I guess it would be best to showcase the song I immediately listen to when I get angry right?  Yeah, that one is a no brainer.

This song is so haunting.  Admit it.  Her voice just gets under your skin and stays there.

I teared up a bit just listening to it again.  Gah, I love this song.


Slow and Steady

I’m waiting for responses to the office email I sent out.  In hopes of creating a much better product for the company, I need ideas and these ideas cannot all come from me.

So I’m abusing the power of the Internet, and the fact that I’m not doing anything to fill up another blogspace.  I mean, I’m on a roll already, so I might as well strike while the iron is hot.

I wonder if our local music channel does this still, acoustic sessions.  I’m pretty sure they do, but it’s just sad how our local artists can’t seem to make their presence felt.

Wait.  They don’t love you like I love you.