Discovering Haim

It feels like it’s been forever since I last listened to new music.  And by new, I mean something released in the last couple of years.  Imagine the relief that comes with finding out that Spotify is now officially available in the Philippines!

Well, that latter piece of news is quite late by all standards.

Anyway, I am most thankful for Spotify as it allowed me to update my music selection without cramming my iPhone.  I used to feel so envious of Le Beau because of his Pandora access, but now, not so much.

And this is where I discovered Haim.

Haim - The Wire

Jewcy magazine called them three Jewish sisters who rock.  And I absolutely agree.  When I first heard The Wire, I immediately fell in love with them.  This goes without saying that I am now officially following them on Spotify and everywhere else.

I love myself some good femme fatale songs, much more with the uniqueness of their tone and the rawness of their lyrics.  I don’t know about you, but they kind of sound like the perfect marriage of Alanis Morissette and some Mumford and Sons Wilson Phillips.  Their sound is upbeat, soothing, and unique — at least to my ears.  I just love their tune.  It never fails to turn my day around.

I am yet to listen to more updated tunes, but as of the moment, I’m relishing in the brilliance of these three sisters and dreaming of growing my hair and having that wavy-hair-don’t-care attitude.

*sighs dreamily*

Understanding faith

I have always loved the music of Mumford and Sons.


If presented to the unknowing person, they can easily be misunderstood.  But it is the loss of that person to not immediately realize and feel the profundity of every word and lyric sang.

So tame my flesh and fix my eyes
A tethered mind freed from the lies

I came across this song at a time I needed it the most.  Perhaps with my current situation, it is quite apt to be reminded of the depth of faith I should have in order to get through these negative emotions.

There are no harder demons to fight than the ones within you.

But I’ll kneel down; wait for now
I’ll kneel down; know my ground

I hope this song lifts you up too.