It’s never too early for some Shakespeare!

I am so sure the geeks in my friends will completely agree but let’s just get it on!

D Wonder Twins of Boac

I am sure after surviving the supposed 2012 end of the world, you would want to see more of it.  Start with something local and kick it off with PETA’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, D Wonder Twins of Boac.

Starring Cris Villonco, you will be treated to a musical afternoon filled with the hits that ignited the 60s and 70s.  You don’t have to be born in those decades to know that those years are the best years in music.

Those and the 80s, of course.

AND SHAMAINE BUENCAMINO WILL BE THERE!  Did you see her in Requieme! during last year’s Cinemalaya?  You just have to see it. :)

Grab your family and friends, kick your heels up, and check that “do something for the first time”/”support local art”/”be more cultured”/”yay for art” off your to do list for the year.  Pencil in February 10 (Sunday) 2pm for your first PETA experience of the year.

Showing at the PETA Theater Center, tickets are sold at P1,000 (VIP), P800 (regular) and P600 (balcony).

For tickets, please contact Jerome De Leon (09175643509) and Anj Visaya (09175268758).


Rebel Wilson is Love

I don’t know if you can recall this lady from Bridesmaids but I am more than happy to remind you of her:

I just find her so funny!  She guested on Ellen and Ellen can barely contain her laughter.  That is just genuine comedy for me!

She also did a couple more movies after Bridesmaids, but what I am actually excited about is Pitch Perfect.

Here she plays Fat Amy.  Clickity click to know more about her character!

I just find her soooo amazingly funny.  She’s Australian by the way.  And she came from the Bush.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Yeah, if you haven’t seem her guesting on Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen, you should really be heading to YouTube right now. :)

I have a feeling this movie is this generation’s Sister Act.  When I first saw it, I immediately thought, please do not be the kind of disaster that is Glee, but then, I saw the riff off, and I was just blown.

Anna Kendrick has good pipes.

I wonder when is this showing in the Philippines.  So far, from what I’ve seen over the Web, this is just on limited release in North America.  I’m hoping it lands on Asian shore.  I haven’t seen a good musical comedy lately, and Rebel Wilson is just the pill I need. :)

There is no point fighting the curiosity!  Check them out now! :)


Teenage Dreaming

On a normal day, I wouldn’t really appreciate male artists singing female artists’ songs.  It’s pretty reminiscent of that time in American Idol when this dude sang I Need You by LeAnn Rimes.  Epic fail.

But this is Glee.  So yes, there’s always that exception.  Plus, you have to admit, it’s really really good.