MUSIC MONDAY: In Your Arms by Nico & Vinz

My constant search of songs to fill my Ultimate Wedding Playlist led me to this amazing duo.  They’re not so new, but because of my dated tastes, you can only imagine how refreshing they sounded to me.

20150608 Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms

I think their more popular song is Am I Wrong but I love this song much much more!  The lyrics remind me of how I cuddle in Le Beau’s arms when things get tough.  My mind was immediately transported to Le Beau when I heard these lyrics.

The last couple of weeks have been quite tough.  Nothing seemed to be going my way, especially thesis wise when all my work seemed to be nullified each time I come in for a consultation with my mentor.  It’s disheartening because this is the first time I ever had difficulty finishing a paper.

So this song… yeah.  It fits just right.  I miss Le Beau more and more each day.  And though the promise of forever is inevitable as our wedding date draws near, there is nothing like having his arms around me now.

Enjoy <3