A little louder

The demons in my head are all alive.
The demons in me
Only you can tame them
You give me my peace
The demons in my head are all alive
You keep them away from me

20150723 A little louder

Site updates and more!

Actually, just site updates.  Haha.

Thank you very much for the support the new site has been getting.  I hope that the inspiration is really lifting you from the ills of this world.  Poetically speaking of course.

There are two new categories this past week that I added:  Guess Where and Work Wednesday.

Guess Where is pretty basic.  You basically just have to guess where the feature is.  I usually leave clues if it’s from a book or a movie or a place.  I put the category up to fill some time for my dear readers to get to know each other.  You are now 1,000+ strong and I am so happy!  Maybe this game will encourage others a quick subscribe as well.  Teehee.

Work Wednesday will feature some of my work.  Unlike Music Monday and Feels Friday, this will probably every couple of weeks or so.  I wish I can do this weekly because that would mean I really am taking my writing more seriously.  But as my schedule is still filled with thesis writing and tons of office work, I can only squeeze in some moments to my writing.

Putting up Work Wednesday is a real struggle for me because I don’t often have people read my work.  Hahahaha.  But now that it’s out in the open, please do share what you think, and if there are points I can improve on.

That’s it for now.  Thank you so much for continuing to visit OhCarlaloo for your reading pleasure.  <3