Reunited with the Flames

I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and although it has been to no avail (as of tonight, at least), I managed to trim down all the excesses that I used to indulge every so often.  I don’t remember the last time I ate at Mister Kabab, or the last time I had crispy liempo at Kanin Club, or the last time I had an entire cheesecake.  Yes I can finish an entire cheesecake.  Do not pretend you can’t.  I know you.  There’s no use hiding.

So when Adah and I realized that it has been too long since we last saw each other, we decided to meet up at a favorite spot:  Flaming Wings.

The last time I was here, their menu was a bit um… traditional (read:  printed and laminated).  Now, it’s quite revamped.  They even managed to put a trademark on their dessert, Wicked Oreos.  They increased their prices but  nothing more than P5.

I don’t know why we even needed the menu.  We knew then what we were having.  And it’s no surprise.

I had my usual Tenders meal with smokey barbecue sauce and ranch dip.  The good thing about this meal is they finally included bottled water as one of the drink selections (among red iced tea, pink lemonade and mango juice).  We decided water was the only thing healthy we’ll have.

Adah had her Wing meal 2 wings in original sauce with bleu cheese dip.

I can’t quite recall if we ever talked at all.  I do recall having a moment of silence after taking the first bite.  It has been a good five months since we last had this, if not more!  It was heavenly.  It tasted exactly the same way when we last had it.

Of course, we cannot do a Flaming Wings run without having their signature dessert.  Usually, we don’t have to worry about the Wicked Oreos since Euske was there to finish the third piece the last time.  I love this dessert; it’s just pure indulgence!

That’s Oreos wrapped in batter and deep fried to perfection, matched with vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, finished with confectioner’s sugar and cocoa powder dust.

Yes.  It’s so good.

I need not say how our plates looked like a good 30 minutes after.  :)

I wish I can say that I’ll be back for more, but after the fitness evaluation in the gym, I know I have to embark on a far healthier lifestyle.  I am only in my early years, and already I have to worry about a rapidly expanding hipline.  I wouldn’t really be surprised if people would think I gave birth to Chuchi!  Marga is almost back to her original weight!

So yeah.  It was good.  It was sooooo goood.  It pains to say that I won’t be back soon, but I definitely will be.  Maybe after five months again.

Flaming Wings can be found in front of De La Salle University Taft, Aguirre St. in  BF Paranaque and along Katipunan, QC.