Her Highness Sings

Here’s another music post, this time dedicated to Dylan.  Yiheeeee. :”>

I honestly think this is one of THE best female vocal performances ever.  I was sitting at home, waiting for Dylan’s text then (this was 2007), and then the Grammy’s came on.  Of course, I wouldn’t pass the chance to watch it!

And then Mary J. Blige sang.  OH MY GOD.  It’s just friggin’ fantastic!

Plus she looks sooo regal in this outfit.

Prepare to be blown away.


That was me singing with her.

*ending gush now*

Reasons why I love Haley Reinhart

Actually, there are only three.

With Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams gone, I actually think she has a huge shot in the finals.  So Haley fans, rally!  Lauren fans will vote like crazy because she was in the bottom two this week.  So vote like crazy for Haley too! :)

Reason #1:  Rolling In The Deep

Reason #2:  House Of  The Rising Sun

And finally, Reason #3.  Janis Joplin.

Oh Haley.  I just love the raspy quality of your voice.  :)