The Wedding Part 2: J Franco Digital Films

I promised a dedicated post for our photographer and videographer, so here it is!

Photo/Video:  J Franco Digital Films
Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cost:  💰💰💰
This team made miracles for me, and I can never thank them enough for it.  Really.

One of the downsides with having a long distance engagement is the fact that all your pre-wedding frills are put to a hold until your partner is with you.  Le Mari arrived in the Philippines three weeks before the wedding, and being December, it’s obvious that Fritz and his team are fully booked the entire month.  Want to know when we shot our pre-nuptial photos?  December 26.  Yes, this team woke up probably hung over from Christmas celebrations and marched off to the Joya Residences at Rockwell, Makati to give us an amazing time and well, needless to say, amazing photos.

jfranco-42-of-811 jfranco-147-of-811 jfranco-387-of-811 jfranco-447-of-811 jfranco-460-of-811 jfranco-592-of-811 jfranco-598-of-811

They made the most of the entire space.  I swear, this photo set does not even begin to describe how well they captured our coupledom.  They were patient and caring, they helped us ease into the shoot.  Le Mari is very shy, so being in front of the camera is not really his cup of tea.  (When he realized that we’ll be taking so many photos, he started to explore the possibility of not being in so many of them.  Seriously.)  But Fritz was able to put him at ease!  The photos turned out so great.
Wedding Paper Divas Thank You Cards

Come wedding day, they were so early and complete.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere because of them, and my personal favorite would be the female photog, Cha (if I recall her name correctly).  The team was accommodating and on point all the time.

I do regret though not having that many photos of just me and Le Mari.  We did steal away an hour to drink at the nearby Bugsy’s just to relax before the formal reception, so we did steal from them precious time with precious lighting.  Nonetheless, we love the selection and we still owe them the final picks for our album.

_rcb0153 _rcb0183 _rcb9712 _rcb9748 dsc_0422 dsc_0645 dsc_1245

There were some problems with lighting, looking now at the raw pictures.  But Fritz and his wife Mayette are more than reassuring that everything will be properly edited and adjusted to our liking.

I swear, everything that we paid for with this team is absolutely worth it.  Book them.  Seriously.

Oh and did I mention the divine same-day edit video?  If this is already this awesome, I am so excited for the final edit.  I almost wanted to change the song, but I am so happy that Fritz talked me down and that I relinquished control.  This is just perfect.

You must MUST consider them for your next event.  :)

More supplier reviews to come later! ❤️


MUSIC MONDAY: Lupang Hinirang by Joey Ayala

I love our National Anthem, and that’s not because I work for the government.  I sincerely love it. The lyrics are so romantic and so well imagined.  When you read it, it sounds so hopeful and optimistic, the very same spirit that stirred revolutionaries.

So it doesn’t make sense to me why it’s sang as a march.

Joey Ayala was right; we, as a people, are very melodramatic.  We have had our fair share of struggles — from colonization to natural disasters — and we have emerged, although quite scarred and traumatized, alive and victorious.  All these struggles is not something you march to.

I didn’t even know that TED Talks are hosted here till I started with graduate school in 2012.  This is a happy revelation.  If it weren’t for these forums, I don’t know where else this new ballad would be debuted.

20150615 Lupang Hinirang

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Now I can only pray that the authorities won’t put him to jail for this.

Surviving the bridal fair

I have been planning parties, events and joined in coordinating weddings for family and friends for the longest time now.  You would think that I would be used to the whole cycle at this point:  fawn over engagement, hit the bridal fairs, haggle discounts, fittings/proofing/redesigning, mock set ups, the whole enchilada.  But the second one still gets on my bones each time:

The bridal fair attendance.

Bridal fairs are amazing events by man.  Really.  I remember some older women in the family saying that before, there were no bridal fairs to go to.  You had to search for your supplier one at a time; all of them are never in the same place.  So you can only imagine the convenience you will gain by going to a bridal fair.

So I went to the first one I can find, just a week after Le Beau left for the US.


These fairs will only be convenient if you want it to be.  Otherwise, it’s just a pool of information that will probably only be 10% useful.  So here are some tips for your bridal fair trips.

1.  Register.  Really.  Most of these things have a pre-registration period so it’s best to do that so you can avoid the long lines on the day itself.  Some fairs allow unregistered guests, but most of the time, those who have signed up qualify for raffles, instant prizes and other wedding giveaways.

2.  Bring a bag for the fliers.  At this point, fliers are everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Suppliers will hand these out to you the moment you set foot in the fair.  And they are never the same size.  There are leaflets, brochures, business cards, DVDs of accomplished works, one after the other.  You will need a bag for those.  They can be plentiful and it’s really hard to hold them.  Funny though, no supplier situated by the door ever thought of immediately giving out ecobags.  I definitely remembered the first supplier that gave me a bag, ALBERGUS.  Love it.

3.  Be polite.  The entire floor is filled with suppliers of the same everything.  Photographers, videographers, florists, event stylists, coordinators, makeup artists, couturiers, invitations, mobile bars, nothing is unique.  And sure, it does get repetitive — flier here and there, “Free sample makeup!”, good morning mamsirs — but please do not lose your composure and become bitchy.  They paid for their space there and surely it is not cheap; they’re making the most of their investment.  Just smile, say “No, thanks” if uninterested, walk away politely.  No need to become so rude over declining free cake tasting.

4.  Plan ahead.  This has to be the most important tip of all.  To avoid all the nuisance, research way ahead of time for the suppliers and vendors you are interested in.  Check the bridal fair’s website and see if they’re joining the fair.  If you are just on the scanning and scouting phase, decide on a budget frame, so you’ll know immediately which vendors to avoid and which to approach.

Planning any event is supposed to be fun and exciting; it’s the complete behind-the-scenes look to what could be the best event of the year.  Make you do not lose the fun in it.  With all that effort being exerted in perfecting every detail, make the most of it and have a good time.

That’s it.  Yeah.  Another bridal fair this February.  I managed to secure a couple of suppliers for the first one, and this fair comes right at the time when I’m supposed to be booking coordinators, florists and printers.  And it has wondrous promos that question if Lady Luck is on your side.  So… who’s joining me?


Keeping dry

Well, that was a rough welcome.

It has only been a week since I got back and already I survived a storm.

Tropical storm Mario (Fung-Wong) made landfall on Friday, September 19.  We were already at work when they cancelled work.  Hahaha.  Because of that, we ended up stuck in the office, waiting for the rain to calm down.

According to authorities, Mario dumped at least half a month’s worth of rainfall during the day.  It is expected to exit the Philippine area of responsibility by Monday morning.

Oh H2O

It’s been years since I last waded in ankle deep flood.  Then again, I don’t want to ever get used to this again.  No way dude.

The rain has stopped and water has subsided.  We did get to work into bringing down the furniture again because my mother insisted on putting them on higher ground.

We soooo need to move.

Stay dry, everyone!