Postsecret is my truth

Postsecret Formethatsyou

Would you even fight for me, when the opportunity calls for it?  Will there be time when you’ll defend me to the skin of your teeth just to be with me?  Will you be happy fighting for me?

Will you even see this?


Secrets: The Blog That Changed My Life

Exaggerated?  Not really.  I mean it when I say PostSecret saved my life.

PostSecret was founded in 2005 by Frank Warren.  He encouraged everyone to send a postcard — stylized, of course — and reveal a secret that you have never ever ever ever spoken of before.  He uploads these postcards in his website, and soon enough, it has created an anonymous community of acceptance.

A few years after its launching, PostSecret teamed up with 1-800-suicide to help out the anonymous cries for help he usually receives in the mail.

I love this site.  I completely, absolutely, love everything about this site.  I also downloaded the app, and although there are quite a few non-secrets revealed there, I still love it.

This site made me feel that I am never alone in whatever I am going through.  More than a couple of times, I have been able to relate to some of the secrets revealed there.  The sharing is therapeutic; it’s almost like a breath of fresh air, just letting it out.  I love this site for the fresh air.

Head over there and I guarantee, if you just let yourself feel and open up for a while, you’ll feel exactly like this.

*cue theme song of personal choice*

What about you?  What blog changed your life?