Alexander McQueen Prefall 2012

Since his demise, it has always been a wonder if anyone else can live up to the legend that is McQueen.  Architecture, finesse, structure and composure all at the same time spell the gigantic talent that rocked the runway with horned heelless shoes, decorated clutches, and an armor that would be the envy of every woman.

I am very happy that Sarah Burton has been living up to that standard.  You have to admit that when you saw the wedding dress, the first thought in your head is that she will not be a disappointment to the brand.  True enough, when I saw these pre-fall pieces, I just died.

Ah.  Maz.  Balls.  Zing.


Calvin Klein Pre-fall 2012

It seems like the fashion gods have heard my prayers.

Check out Calvin Klein Collection for prefall 2012.  It’s just adorable.  The lines, the cuts, and the pieces all speak fashion forward simplicity.  I mean, come on.  I’ve been with the bank for a couple of years now, and there are still moments where I am required to look corporate.

Hahaha.  There are more than moments.

Anyway, at least with this collection, being all business and sleek need not be dowdy.  Feel free to agree with me, really.  I mean, really agree with me. :)

Aren’t those mixed leather pieces just divine?