Heavy rains all over NCR, Provinces

Here are some details that you may need to know about this amazing rain.

Hotline numbers

Areas are flooded everywhere, especially in NCR.  Check out Lagusnilad in Manila:

This one is Villa Espana, Araneta Avenue in QC.  This was where Dylan used to rent.

This is Alabang Zapote Road corner Pulanlupa:

This is Ayala Avenue

Malacanang made an announcement earlier suspending work for government and then for private.  Here’s the memorandum:  MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 33-A.

And as advised by Abi Valte on Twitter:

Stay safe, high and dry.  Keep your eyes peeled for more news and please guys, watch over your neighbors.  Now is the time to become stronger brothers and sisters.

Will be updating this post for relief operations.  Hope this helps.




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I have always known I love diamonds.  I don’t necessarily prefer them over something else, but I’ve always known I’ll grow to like them.  I think it’s the sparkle.  Diamonds almost resemble stars.  They’re always bright and gleaming.

Then there was this guy in one of the many movies I’ve seen that said his lady’s eyes sparkle like diamonds.

Then there was this professor in college who said clarity should come as clear as crystal.  And the crystals he always refer to were diamonds.

Then there’s the song.  And Marilyn Monroe.

But who would’ve though diamonds live in water?  This amazing photo just made me realize not all diamonds have carats in them. 

Have a great workweek everyone.