Game of Thrones 2 Sneak Peek!

I absolutely went ga ga for Game of Thrones when practically everyone in my Twitter feed (@DCarloRivera, @maryelogs to name some) and Dylan started urging me to watch them.  To be more specific, Dylan was like, “Come on beb!  It’s so much better than Spartacus!  If it were a movie, it can defeat LOTR!  Watch it already!”

Naturally, I looked for the book because such brilliance can only come from a book (WHUT!) but Dylan told me to watch the series first before reading the book so as not to become underwhelmed by the stuff that they had to cut.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, was a pretty spectacular advice from the man I love. :)

When I saw Eddad Stark, I just had to scream out BOROMIIIIIR hahahahaha.  I know.  Totally unrelated, but he’s such a fantastic actor, you have to admit. :)

Anyway, here’s the most recent video uploaded by HBO with the show currently in production for Season 2.

April 2012 just sounds soooooo far away!