Packing for summer

Given the somber tone of my previous post, let’s talk about something lighter this time.  And yes, even more trivial compared to what is going on in the world.

Let’s just call it what it is:  a clothing dilemma.

My upcoming trip to NJ is 10 years from the date I first visited the place.  Heck, the US of A!  It’s another intercontinental flight for me.  While I enjoyed the tail end of winter in Paris, I am now preparing myself for the East Coast Summer.

There’s only one problem:  I am not a summer girl.  Hahaha.  I am more of fall/winter person.  Maybe spring.  I love layers, long clothing, basically bundling up a comforter while the rain pelts outside.  So for this summer trip, I am quite lost as to what to pack.

Naturally, I went to Pinterest, and it didn’t take long to find a really good outfit post.

Packing for Summer

I don’t know if you’ve heard about traveling as a Filipino. If you’re going to a place with relatives and friends of friends of friends of friends (it’s not even an exaggeration), you have to leave room for padala.  And these are not ordinary goods/items; they don’t give just a bundle.  It’s a lot of Filipino stuff that will occupy majority of your luggage, which is why most Filipinos travel with a luggage and a box in tow.  The box just contains padala.

I haven’t been here for 10 years.  I have so much padala and I want to keep it that way.  The goal is to fill check in luggage allowance with gifts and giveaways, and pack everything I will need for three weeks in my carry on.  With this list and outfit combinations, I think that’s possible.  Right?  I do however have to give due consideration for my undergarms and hygiene kits but that will hardly take up space.

Two cardigans and a maxi dress, I knew I was sold.  I wonder if Le Beau has plans to go to a formal place, so I better throw in a black dress in the mix.  And maybe good heels.  You’ll never know where you’re headed.

I am excited to see him.  And it’s not just because I get to be with him.  I haven’t seen my nephews and nieces in their natural environment, and it would be fun to babysit the new baby.  So yeah.  It’s a huge bundle of excited emotion for all the different reasons.

I can’t wait to fly.

Day 7: The Past Summer

Day 7 is a song that makes me recall my last summer.

Since this year’s summer hasn’t quite settled in yet, I will find a song that will make me recall last summer.  But last summer I didn’t do anything!  Hahahaha.  I basically geared up for a July visit to Coron, Palawan, which was, to say the least, the most amazing time our family has ever had.

So I guess that’s what I’m giving a song to. :)  Perhaps we can consider this trip as late summer?

Blue October is the bomb!

I suddenly miss Palawan.

BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway Winners!

I know I am so late in posting the winners for this promo, but hey!  They’re here now!

In the two weeks that this promo ran, it was shared and retweeted 138 times!  Each instance merited an entry of course.  I used the ever reliable to help me pick out the winners.

Congratulations to… drum roll please!

Winner #1:  Claudine Mabasa!  You won BARO’s Polka Kaftan  and Trinkets MNL’s beaded necklace, threads bracelet and a pair of feathered earrings!

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Both winners hit LIKE and shared the promo link on Facebook. :)

Congratulations both!  I will contact you respectively.

Till our next promo!

BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway!

I said it would come, and because of the powers that be, it is here!

First ever giveaway so let’s make it easy for you shall we? :)

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Quite simple I believe! :)  Two of you gets to win this!

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Come on ladies!  You know this is just too good to pass up! :)

Short is fun and flirty

I believe summer is declared over in our lovely tropical country, especially after typhoons kept coming.  According to reports today, the entire week will be gloomy and rainy because of the southwest winds building up.  Or something like that.  It’s hard to process weather news at 5 in the morning.

What I will miss about summer is the fact that this is the fifth (?) year that I did not miss the beach.  Hahahaha.  But seriously, we will have to bid adieu to short skirts as they were never really friendly with strong wind and rain.

I like short skirts in general and I think it’s mainly because I cannot wear them to work.  My company is quite conservative about hemlines and let’s just say I’ve crossed the line way too many times (and I can only cross it so much).  So there.  I browsed around my favorite fashion community Chictopia for lovely lasses with their fun and flirty skirts.

Oh what I would give to be fun and flirty in the office too.  :)

Awwww.  Now, I miss skirt weather!  Then again, I can always wear longer ones to accommodate the wind. :)  Have a great week, everyone. :)