FEELS FRIDAY: I am yours

Tyler Knott Gregson - I Am Yours


Back to regular programming?

The flame that drove people to read, criticize, agree and disagree with the letter to CNN seems to have died down a bit. So in a way, I can say my blog can now resume its regular programming.

I don’t mean that as an insult or anything offensive; the latest catastrophe has turned already sensitive peoples to onion skinned (or vice versa, whichever’s worse). The letter will still be there, feel free to still offer up your opinion.

I shall post an update on the recent improvements and dramatics of the same vein within the week. But until then, let me show you why typewritten words are far more romantic than typed words.


Oh the hiatus

It has been quite a roller coaster, the entire year so far.  I have no idea at all where the next 24 hours will take me, and I guess it is that kind of mild (if not wild) ignorance that seem to have vacated my senses when it comes to writing.

I have been, however, quite diligent in Pinterest.  I’ve loaded so much on my pin boards, and well… to exhibit a few:

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