I bought one of Moleskine’s amazing diaries in an attempt to go back to old school writing.  The actual pen against paper writing.  I remember one of my professor’s mentioning that the mind retains information better when information is written rather than typed.  For some reason, I chose to believe that too.

But the problem is I haven’t written anything in the past couple of weeks, making my thrust to have a better chronicle of my life go somewhat halfway down the drain.  I mean, sure there is blogging, but let’s admit it:  there are certain parts of your day that you aren’t really open to abundantly sharing to a public.

By definition, a chronicle is a factual actual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.  Not that my life is a historical event in itself, but you get what I mean.  There are so many times in our lives when we just trackback and rebuild our history, catch up our files to make up for the times when we failed to update them.  Is that still essentially chronicling?  Because technically speaking it’s no longer in the order of their occurrence.

Maybe I am just desperately justifying that I still have a penchant for the old.  My life goal still includes acquiring a typewriter and using it for my mail (yes, I still visit the post office, even if they have failed me so many many times).  Or maybe, like most of us, I too have abandoned the bittersweet manner of writing and successfully adapted new technology, in spite of my firm belief that nothing beats the lovemaking of pens and papers.


Am I a walking contradiction or what?  How about you?  Is the old still more romantic, more applicable to you?  Can a person truly embrace the old and the new, and use them in perfect symphony?

Because I sure am not using them that way, even though I wish to.

Back to regular programming?

The flame that drove people to read, criticize, agree and disagree with the letter to CNN seems to have died down a bit. So in a way, I can say my blog can now resume its regular programming.

I don’t mean that as an insult or anything offensive; the latest catastrophe has turned already sensitive peoples to onion skinned (or vice versa, whichever’s worse). The letter will still be there, feel free to still offer up your opinion.

I shall post an update on the recent improvements and dramatics of the same vein within the week. But until then, let me show you why typewritten words are far more romantic than typed words.