What a weekend.

The previous post really stirred a lot of pots and I am absolutely thankful.  Comments and opinions seem to keep on coming every day, and I believe it will keep coming until Eastern Visayas gets back on its feet.

Just a quick rebuttal for those people who keep saying the author or I myself have not been to Tacloban.  I have been to Tacloban and I do agree with the issues raised by our letter writer.  In publishing that post, I don’t intend to defend the inadequacies of our own government.  However, after reading the people’s comments, I do believe that we created our own demons.  As the relief and aid continue to pour in, let us not forget the first volunteers, the first responders, the people who immediately took to land travel and the Matnog port.  I can’t help but think the more we put our government down, the more we belittle the support and the relief the smaller people gave at the very beginning.

And I think we can all agree that disaster recovery and crisis management are two different things that we — AND I MEAN WE AS A FILIPINO PEOPLE — have to learn more about.

Filipinos hating on Filipinos just because of a difference in opinion…. hay.  It’s so disappointing.  When tragedy is supposed to bring us together, this happens instead.  AND IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.  Some people call it the blame game, some call it propaganda.  Whatever it is, we as a people always fail to recognize our pros and cons first before we pass judgment.  And oh, what a shame.

There are more and more people in need of help.  Let us extend our limbs as much as we can.  We can give more.  We can do more.  And there’s no need to exchange hate for that to be accomplished.  We are resilient and strong WHEN WE RISE TOGETHER.  It is true for any race, for any nationality, for any culture.  And it is truer for us now more than ever.

Yun lang powz.

And now, to end this post with a little positivity.




I am from the Philippines and I am safe.  But a good portion of our Eastern Visayas region is not.  The bank I work for already reported two deaths, an employee and a retiree, and mostly deceased family members of employees.

I regret not posting sooner on this channel to call for help.  I’ve seen the local news, but it wasn’t until I heard exasperation in Anderson Cooper’s voice did I realize help is taking too long.

I will do my best to constantly update this post for help and information where you can donate.

May God bless us all.

Haiyan (Yolanda) Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet

Rappler is my favorite local news source as of late.

Relief Rappler



How to Help

Red Cross DSWD

Air 21

One Run

If you have other relief operations, food drives, fund generation and means to give aid to those in need, please let me know so I can post announcements here.  I have a good number of unique hits per day; let’s put that to good use.

Again, thank you and let’s continue to pray for each other.

UPDATE:  If you follow me on Twitter, I was screaming for airdropping relief goods.  Here’s why they won’t do so.  And to tickle your fancy, here’s a very interesting read from Time.

UPDATE 2, 16 November 2013:  This has to be my most favorite kind of donation drive:  DINE FOR A CAUSE! :)  Eat at these restaurants for the weekend and contribute to the continuing rescue of Yolanda victims.

Dine for a Cause