Work assignment

They liked the comfort of their walls. It was the closest thing I ever heard that can pass as a lyric here in MAP.  The banking industry is all that we’ve been submerged in for the past months; then, here comes three-termers talking to us about comfort and walls, the heart to good governance and public service.

Tinga came first.  The Bonifacio Global City, one of his many projects, has become one of the country’s prime hot spots.  The location boasts not just a high steady stream of income, but of social responsibility.  As it turned out, that value was forced upon investors.  He didn’t like the comfort of the walls of corporate haggling and settlements; he forced investors to put heart into the business by making sure the people benefits from their investment too.  You don’t see that every day.  In fact, I don’t think I have seen that at all.

Next was Elias, his wingman.  The first thing he said was clear; the mayor needs his support if he wants to get things done.  He wasn’t hesitant to admit that he came in second in authority, but he made it clear that this is one of those instances where second is no less important than first.  I don’t see any walls of indifference and inferiority there; I see pride in work and honor in duty.

Matias kept saying “What’s important is the unison of the mind and the heart.” He knew there was no way passing development plans would be easy, given that majority of his counsel is opposed to his beliefs.  So he waited and respected the walls.  He wasn’t comfortable, but fighting them would only be more detrimental to Nueva Ecija.  He’s on his second term, with majority of his co-party candidates elected as part of the Counsel.  I too anticipate what he can do for them.

Last was city treasurer Endriga.  With the Iron Hand of Management, he didn’t let anyone pass with a half-baked job or half-hearted sincerity.  He employed technology for better efficiency.  He demanded 100% performance. He didn’t settle; I don’t think it even crossed his mind.  Resistance came and it was not enough to sway his style of management.  Comply first before you complain. By 2009, QC is the most profitable city.

They liked the comfort of their walls.  You say this to a people who refuse to move out of the norm, hesitant to try something new, conflicted in choosing the hard rights over the easy wrongs. They made their own walls.  They showed the right kind of rebellion, of non-conformity.  There’ll always be boundaries and customs that have existed before us.  But there’ll always be new ways of doing things.  There’s no shame in employing something new.  It’s not divergence.  It’s not hard-headedness or disrespect.  It’s merely new walls.


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