Old songs bring me back to life

So this past week was very triumphant.  My partner Vicky and I went and explored Cabatuan, Iloilo and discovered the silence of the people there.  And by silent I mean really silent.  Their quiet demeanor spoke volumes, and sometimes became very hard to interpret.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed our stay and could not be more thankful to be back in Manila.

This is Cabatuan’s famous church, San Nicolas de Tolentino.  Picturesque isn’t it?

I received a lot of good news this week.  I am so close to thinking that my luck is just about to run out.  I am so blessed, it’s sickening.  It kind of makes me think what I did to deserve such good fortune.

Then I went home and showered to this song.  I almost forgot how haunting this song is, and how it spoke to me when I first heard it in high school.

if your hope scatters like the dust across your track / i’ll be the moon that shines on your path


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