Advertising innovation

As a commuter, I’m very particular with my bus experience.  I don’t really have that many choices, mainly because there are very few bus lines that travel to Las Piñas.  My favorites are Tas Trans and the one that starts with A.  Hahahaha.  Mostly  because their buses are new.

So on Sunday, when I was on my way home, I saw these fancy ads on the bus.  They were everywhere.

This is on the front cover of the headrests.  And this his how the back looks like.

And check out the television sets in the bus.  All wrapped in ads!

With this kind of traffic, I believe people will easily be encouraged to entertain themselves and be interactive.

So… who wants to advertise? :)


2 thoughts on “Advertising innovation

  1. Thats a good observation, carla sisterdear. haha. naisip mo din pala ang naiisip ko pag sumasakay ako ng bus at traffic. I wonder why they keep playing yung sa pond’s, at gsm blue, at Magnolia’s ad, haha wala bang ibang nag papa advertise? haha

    • I think nakakontrata ang mga yan eh, specially when they’ve really paid for the initial startup. I’m giving it a good 6 months bago magentertain ng new advertisers. I hope magkaron. It was very tempting to text RECIPES GSMBLUE habang stuck sa traffic. LOLOL.

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