My admiration for Liz

It’s not a surprise.  This brand has been a household name since its launch in 1976.  So even when the world’s first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company passed away in 2006, many clamored to make sure the brand stays.

Liz Claiborne.  Ah.  Nothing else would sound quite as exquisite.  Liz Claiborne, a Belgian-born American designer started her own line of clothing when she became frustrated how clothing companies do not have outfits for working women.  She founded Liz Claiborne Inc in 1976, earning $2 million in its first year.  The brand was such a success that by 1978, its profits were $23 million.

I didn’t know this until I researched, but apparently, Liz Claiborne changed the way we shop.  I know for men it doesn’t really matter because it’s a vain activity, but how Liz Claiborne marketed her products changed the way malls are designed now.  She is the first designer to have insisted that her collection – clothing, handbags, shoes, purses and accessories – be put together on the department sales floor instead of separating them into clothing categories.  Because of that innovation, we no longer have to find a shirt, then a pant, then shoes to coordinate an outfit.  Liz Claiborne made sure we had everything we needed in one area.

Liz Claiborne retired from active management in 1989 and succumbed to a long fight with cancer in 2006.  Her line is now exclusively distributed by JC Penney.

To some, this might sound like a blonde post – ditzy and vain.   Early this morning, I purchased a Liz Claiborne Heritage wallet and I remember the first time I got a Liz Claiborne (thanks, Ate Mel).  It’s so simple and chic and somehow it made me feel like I’m making a smart decision.  The brand is such a statement, almost becoming a staple in every working woman’s closet.  It’s amazing how a simple frustration did that.

And that department store idea?  It’s so simple.  I wish people who have such simple ideas that can possibly provide more comfort and ease in the way we live muster enough courage to speak out and suggest it, if not do it themselves.  God knows we need simple ideas lately.  The big ones just keep fucking us up. 

So yeah.  I’m hoping to win that bidding war on eBay for that Liz Claiborne patchwork satchel.  May the spirit of Liz Claiborne guide my purchase.  :)   



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