Recovering from the long weekend

I cannot even begin to explain the difficulty of recovering from a long weekend.  I honestly believe I enjoyed it too much, even though all I did was watch movies.  For those who follow me on Twitter, you can so tell that I was perfectly happy with my self-imposed movie marathon.  After all, the working class don’t always get four-day vacations.  I mean, come on!  The hospitality and healthcare industry don’t even get breaks like these.  So imagine how much power I felt I had.  And I used it all up by watching movies.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I can say this:

It’s something that’s inherent in long vacations.  I even brought home my work laptop in hopes of completing, if not starting, some of my long laundry list of to dos, but yeah, that never really happened.  Somehow, I always end up enjoying too much of my vacation, so when reality strikes, it slaps me in the face like a scorned bitch.

Fell asleep around 9 last night, woke up at 11, fell asleep at 1 in the morning.  And I woke up at 5:30 today.  And I have no choice because Mondays are manic.  If I don’t get up or get ready soon, I am sure to have a hard time commuting to work.

So I’ve come up with three possible options:  (1) move out and live somewhere closer to work, so I wouldn’t have to commute on the day the car is not allowed by the government to be on the road, (2) loan some money and get my own car, that is of course after completing my driving lessons and overcoming my fear of being ran over by a truck and (3) convince the government how healthy and productive it is for employees when they are granted brief but frequent vacations.  Hey, a happy employee is a productive employee.

Just saying. :)  Have a great workweek, everyone.


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