Creative office dressing

I think I have to come to accept the fact that even though what I wear in the office is appropriate, it is endlessly boring.  If someone were to observe my daily stylings, that person would say I have taken my liking for gray to a whole new level.  The only window of creativity that I often work around is the fact that I purposely use my shoes to accentuate whatever it is I’m wearing.

I mean, even Carrie Bradshaw would roll her eyes at me and say I am putting too much pressure on my shoes to make my outfit stylish.

Chictopia is always there to the rescue.  It is filled with endlessly stylish people and I find myself often in awe at how creative they get.  In short, I believe I need another trip to the neighborhood seamstress to fix me up some of these things.  (Recent weight gain has prevented me from fitting outfits that are not labeled S or M.  So I’m in denial.  Won’t you be?)

Now, who wouldn’t love an amazing printed blazer?!
In any other day, I would avoid pink like the plague. But I believe because of this outfit, I have completely changed my mind about it. :)
And here I thought orange seems so prisonlike. Don’t you just love how the color just pops off the page?
I’ve always known I would need a double breasted blazer soon enough. I absolutely adore the color blocking!
I knew I loved peach even before this. :)

So from the looks of it, I just have my new Monday to Friday look.  Hahahahaha.  I can so feel HR people rolling their eyes at my choice of color.  But really, who wouldn’t love the chicness of all these?  I so want to run to the fabric store already.  Now, to hunt for that seamstress…


For those who are wondering about the guidelines of the 500th Blog Giveaway, I’ll post them as soon as I finalize the set of prizes.  Though those might not be much, I promise you’ll enjoy getting these free stuff. :)



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