Reading is love

I honestly don’t know where I inherited my love for reading.  My parents aren’t exactly the book collecting types.  Growing up with very limited means, they simply maximized the public library for their schooling… and nothing else.  They weren’t the type to go there and just pick up Great Expectations and read to pass the time.  So I wonder most of the time why I grew to love reading so much.

I started with Archie comics, of course.  I mean, it’s the classic blonde-brunette battle (dibs to be Betty).  Then I slowly went to Alcott, Dickinson, Shakespeare (I was soooo dumbfounded to have realized The Rape of Lucrece is a poem!), and then the Sweet Valley years.  I’m happy that even though I started with pretty teeny bopper choices, I managed to progress to modern literature and books that give you a good sense of mind fuck, and of course, an occasional Nicholas Sparks here and there.

I was sooo delighted when I logged on to Pinterest for the first time and saw there are a lot of concepts for child libraries and reading nooks.  I am so sure I will have my husband make something like these for our kids.

I completely went crazy for this one. This can easily fit under a staircase! And I absolutely love the odd shape. This makes me want my own house already!
A sweet escape, isn’t it? :)
Nothing beats sunlight for reading light. Since we’re in a tropical country, maybe a sarong would be better in place of a quilt.
Exhibit your kids’ books. Not only are they colorful, but it’s also a good tracking method of how your kid’s reading progresses. Of course, if it no longer fancies your kid, don’t throw it out. DONATE. :)
Now isn’t this smart!? You don’t have to worry how to reach for your books since the stairs are there! :)

I guess this is what I missed about being a bum.  When I was a bum, I never really had to catch up on my reading since I am always up to date.  Hahahahaha!  Have a great day everyone. :)

By the way, this is post 454. :)


5 thoughts on “Reading is love

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  4. I would love love love to have that first or third bed in my own room. The shape in the first is fantastic and all those book shelves – wow!! The third one looks like the bed I’ve always dreamed of.

    • I knoooooow! I completely went pin crazy when I saw these. Hahahaha. I am currently devising ways to make this bed a part of my future home. So yeah, I think I’m going to need a really really good architect. :)

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