Jaw-dropping street art

Here’s a fantastic way to wake up in the morning!

Edgar Mueller is an artist who has been designing city sidewalks and transforming them into amazing works of art.  And it’s not just simple art.  It’s 3D art.  He copies these breaktaking scenes and paints them on sidewalks, bringing the scenery to the ordinary pedestrian.

I know right!  Sheer genius.  It’s absolutely sheer genius.  If people cannot afford to see these places, Mueller’s work literally brings the scenery at their doorstep.  Well, not really doorstep, more like sidewalk, but you get what I mean.

Watch as he transforms this street into waterfalls.  WATERFALLS.  No joke.

A plaza in Moscow

A spectacular plaza in Moscow!

I wonder if we’ll ever get around to creating something as artsy as this.  I  guess it would require a lot of people respecting the sidewalk instead of propping up stores and stalls everywhere.  But while we wait for our good ol’ country to get there, let us be enthralled by the mad artistry of Edgar Mueller.  You have to admit, this is pretty brilliant.

Prepping a street in Ireland

I'd love to "fall" into the deep!

Canadian water edge

The Cave Project (Germany)

Another cave in London

And now, it's in Slovenia!

You have to admit his work is pretty extraordinary.  To learn more about Edgar Mueller and his incredible transformation of the most boring pavements created by man (hahahaha I am so dramatic), click here. 

I wonder if he can paint the rice terraces in EDSA.  I mean, can you imagine how freaked out the drivers would be?  LOL.


Lemme know what you think.

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