Color blocking is love.

So I decided to kick off the weekend kick off with something playful.  I told myself I will be far more adventurous in my manner of dressing and starting next week, I promise to be more inspired with my clothes.  I’m not trying to be fashionista or fashion forward; my sweet lil ass of a budget won’t certainly allow that.  But, as good friend told me, it would be fun to see how my style changes through the year.

If it changes at all, that is.  Hahahaha.

So next week, I think I will start with color blocking.  I’m quite fearful for it because in all honesty, it is so easy to go wrong with it.  Pairing up bright colors one after the other, it could be a challenge to find which item of clothing will be the focal point and if all the colors, when combined together, will pop in their own way.

Good thing Chictopia ladies are always here to guide me. :)

I know it’s absolutely different from my usual grays.  I have a feeling I will have to revamp a good quarter of my wardrobe just to accommodate this challenge, but then again, it should be fun right?  The colors are so bright and flirty, it’s almost impossible to look immediately cheerful when you wear it!

So for next week, I am eyeing the red-purple combo.  Hopefully, before the month ends, I get to do my own color combination.  Wish me luck. :)


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