We jetted off to Coron!

(Please note that all of the photos for the next few posts are taken by me and my brother Ted.  Anyone who would like to use these photos, please shoot an email to let us know where you’ll be using them.  Courtesy please.  Thanks! *grin*)

I booked us five a flight to Busuanga when Philippine Airlines had this 70% off promo in celebration of their anniversary.  It was March and it was cheap and I chose to jet off with my family — all five of us — for four days!  I know right!

I do not remember the last time we ever went a trip on our own.  So come morning of July 14, after attending the early morning mass, we had Tito Romy bring us to the airport and we loaded all our bags (one for each, attempting to travel light) and prepared for Coron.

*cue music here*

We all forgot to get the DSLR ready, so while waiting for the check in counter to open (because we came in early), Tatay and the brothers started assembling it. Nuninuninu...

ANYONE AT ALL: Make a wild guess where this lady came from. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Tatay assigned himself as the DSLR guy for the entire trip. He will then proceed to keep bugging me about a polarizer that he was not able to advice me to get before the trip. That's my old man right there!

 So we weighed in all our luggage and it came down to this!

Guess who has never been on a plane!?  Hahahahaha.  We were teasing this little man the entire time.  I mean, come on.  Domestic or international, first flight is always a really exciting time.  I wonder if he got any sleep.  What do you think?

After checking in, we started walking around Terminal 3.  It was really way too early and we haven’t had breakfast.  So we went to our feel good restaurant.


Ted was really playing with the S95 (it’s my baby’s first trip LOL).  He was enjoying  toying around with the digicam quite a lot!  Here’s how my family looks in fisheye lenses.

I think we look pretty good.  I mean, it’s not a surprise that we’re family.  Hahahahaha.  Of course some guests are quite rude.  Their bags were on the airport chairs so we instead sat by the windows.

Then we started boarding.  We learned then that we’re on a baby plane so we were immediately whisked off on a bus to board the plane!

Just peeking. Hahahaha. Look at that excited boy! Of course he'll never admit that. Hahahaha.

A propeller shot just had to be taken! My mom and her fantastic shiny bob. Healthy hair runs in the family.

Brother and his plane shot!

Daniel is trying to be calm but I bet there was a really good funky party in him! Hahahaha!

My mom and my dad were seatmates. :)

To be continued….


3 thoughts on “We jetted off to Coron!

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sobrang natawa ako sa reaction mo, Ate Monet! Hahahahahaha. But yeah, I’ll post as much as I can. There are way too many photos and I have to choose just the best ones (aka the ones where my fat and cellulite doesn’t show). Hopefully, I’ll finish by the end of the day tomorrow. :) Day 1 is right there! :)

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