Please get me an Ikelite!

With our recent Coron trip, I cannot help but regret the fact that I did not purchase an underwater casing the moment I got my Canon S95 for cheap.  Although the view and everything above water were absolutely and ultimately picturesque, I must insist the view underwater is much better.  There was an entirely different world down there!  It would have been amazing to document something like that.

I think the entire clan is planning on going back a couple of years from now, enough time to save up, plan the homecoming, and get PADI certified.  But I think it is also enough time to save — or await fantastic gifting — for the Ikelite Underwater Housing.

Look at that beauty.  The Ikelite Underwater Housing can allow you to bring your camera up to a depth of 200 feet!  HELLO, COOLIO!  I know right!

It’s far more expensive than the usual Canon case that we get, but it’s only because it’s Ikelite.  Ikelite boasts  of its superb excellence and quality when it comes to their products.

Notice the rings above?  It’s a built in gear system that will allow you to access your ring functions with ease.  All S95 users know how it took a long getting used to that ring function, so having this is quite a relief.  Glad someone thought of it!

It also has an easy open latch that allows you to just drop you camera in for a easy peasy set-up!  I am loving this more and more.

This baby comes with one 1cc tube of silicone lubricant, vinyl lanyard, flash diffuser and flash deflector.  The Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon S95 (#6242.95) retails for $325.

I wouldn’t mind having this as a gift.  *ehem*

Read more about this item here.


Lemme know what you think.

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