Youth is wasted on the young

Sometimes, I feel sorry that we’re the Facebook generation.  Or that the younger ones prefer Twilight over Dickens.  Or that we spend too much time online and too little time among people.  That we have resorted to emails and forgot the romanticism of snail mails.  That we don’t care about librarians losing jobs, or museums having lesser and lesser visitors each year.

It’s been a really hard week here in the office.  I didn’t expect anything like this to happen before I even hit my first year here.  I seem to have floated with a heavy heart the entire time.  And the current events, as they unfold, slowly show me how important it is to be firm with your principles and values.  And that the heart can be weak, but do everything to not weaken the mind, to not break the spirit.  I didn’t expect anything to affect me this much.  Really.  But…. it really is affecting me far more than I ever imagined.

I hope next week is better.


Lemme know what you think.

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