Looking for Alaska

I was going through the motions of this seemingly fast paced day, when I chanced upon this image.

Naturally, my heart broke.  I am reminded of how powerful words are.  I was humbled by the written text; I believe for a moment, I did not deserve to speak.  The rawness and the ache that came with this page completely t0ok over.  I had to take deep breaths, had to take a moment to recover somehow, to try to get used to the emotion.  Yet when I glanced again, the feeling did not really change.  If it were possible, I believe it even intensified.

I am now searching for this book.  I just have to read it, even though it’s classified as young adult.  I have to, even if I’m about six years late.  If it moved me this much, then I know for a fact, it is worth the search.

Please if you know anyone who can get me this book (of course, I’ll pay them back), just let me know.  It’s Looking for Alaska by John Green, published in 2005.  I’d really appreciate it if they can get me a copy of the first printing.

Thanks again.


Lemme know what you think.

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