Never said too late, too soon

Sometimes, it gets lonely.  Especially when I realize all I ever really want to be is with you.  Especially when I sense that you find this as an exaggeration.  Because there really are days — long, winding unending days — that I’d rather spend with you.  And even though our differences sometimes find a way to overwhelm us, we still laugh as loud as we can.  And I miss that kind of companionship.  Because I know I cannot and will not get it from anyone else.  Because I know that it will never be the same with anyone else.

Because I have always known, always felt, always believed that this kind of euphoria only happens when you bury your face in my hair, call me beautiful and murmur the words I only want to hear from you.

I live for your words.

And I know I am changed.  Forever.  And I would never want to be changed back.


Lemme know what you think.

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